Full Valet


A safe and in depth valet inside and out. This is the correct definition of full and not to be confused with cheaper alternatives.


  • Wheels cleaned, front to back using various safe detailing/wheel brushes

  • Tyres cleaned and dressed with rubber enhancer



  • Pre-washed to remove heavy soiling

  • Snowfoamed and intricate areas agitated with various detailing brushes

  • 2nd rinse

  • Two-bucket wash method using ultra soft lambswool mitts

  • 3rd rinse

  • Hand dried using ultra plush microfibre towels and filtered warm air

  • Paintwork sealant/wax applied  

  • All exterior trim cleaned and dressed

  • Wheel arches cleaned and dressed

  • door shuts cleaned and protected

  • All exterior glass cleaned


  • Dash, centre console and air vents are all carefully brushed removing dust and other particles.

  • An all purpose cleaner is used to remove general built up grime.

  • All carpets and upholstery are thoroughly vacuumed.

  • Headlining cleaned

  • All glass and mirrors are cleaned throughout using a specific glass cleaner.

  • All interior plastics are cleaned using an all purpose cleaner and protected, where necessary, with a silicone free product for a natural finish.

  • The boot space, if empty, has a thorough clean.