Maintenance Wash


Our Maintenace Valet is designed to get the exterior of your vehicle clean whilst greatly reducing the chances of introducing paint defects, this service follows the safe wash process listed below.


  • Wheels cleaned, front to back using various safe detailing/wheel brushes

  • Tyres cleaned and dressed with rubber enhancer


  • Pre-washed to remove heavy soiling

  • Snowfoamed and intricate areas agitated with various detailing brushes

  • 2nd rinse

  • Two-bucket wash method using ultra soft lambswool mitts

  • 3rd rinse

  • Hand dried using ultra plush microfibre towels and filtered warm air

  • Paintwork sealant/wax applied  

  • All exterior trim cleaned and dressed

  • Wheel arches cleaned and dressed

  • door shuts cleaned and protected

  • All exterior glass cleaned

We can add and interior valet to this to make it a Full Valet