Paint Enhancement detail

Shine Wizards Paint Enhancement Detail consists of a single stage machine polish which is mainly intended to remove light marring and swirls. 

All painted surfaces will undergo a very fine machine polish using a finishing polish and pad. This service will extract the sharpest possible finish out of your vehicle before your chosen protection is applied.

This service is ideal for a newer vehicle which does not suffer from heavy swirling or random deep scratches





  • Wheels cleaned, front to back using various safe detailing/wheel brushes 

  • Wheels treated with fallout remover to remove iron brake dust particles

  • Wheels treated with tar remover

  • Wheels sealed/waxed to protect the finish

  • Tyres cleaned and dressed with rubber enhancer


  • Pre-washed to remove heavy soiling

  • Snowfoamed and intricate areas agitated with various detailing brushes

  • 2nd rinse

  • Two-bucket wash method using ultra soft lambswool mitts

  • 3rd rinse

  • Iron fallout remover applied over the entire vehicle

  • 4th rinse

  • Tar remover applied and tar deposits removed

  • 5th rinse

  • Clay bar the entire vehicle including glass and lights

  • 6th rinse

  • Hand dried using ultra plush microfibre towels and filtered warm air 

  • All exterior trim cleaned

  • Wheel arches cleaned

  • door shuts cleaned and protected

  • Rubbers cleaned and protected

  • All interior/Exterior Glass cleaned

Defect Removal
  • Paintwork inspection carried out using various lighting sources.

  • Paintwork assessment carried out using a paint depth gauge.

  • Edges, badges, number plates and delicate trim masked or removed.

  • Single stage refining machine polish carried out to remove light swirls and marring.

  • Head and tail lights enhanced.

  • Paintwork degreased  to remove polishing oils to show true finish.

  • Protection applied to all painted surfaces. (Sealant or Wax)

  • Single coat of wheel sealant/wax applied to wheel faces.

  • Tyres and plastic wheel arches dressed.

  • Durable trim dressing applied to all black plastic trim.

  • Exhaust tips protected with high temperature sealant