Frequently asked questions...

What’s the difference between a normal valeting service and Shine Wizards detailing services?

The majority of companies that trade solely under a valeting banner tend to be very basic in their approach to car care, using trade materials and generally spending as little time as possible to complete their work. These types of services are well suited to the car sales industries where time is money and volumes are of priority, but in terms of actual car care, the services leave a lot to be desired. Shine Wizard embrace the actual spirit of car care by using the very best techniques, products and materials attainable, yielding results above and beyond what can be achieved through regular valeting.

What is paintwork correction and does my vehicle need it?

Paintwork correction is the removal of common imperfections within the paint. Oxidation, swirl marks, rain/bird etching, holograming, marring and scratches effect most vehicles old and new, with varying degrees of severity. With the aid of paint thickness gauges and careful polishing techniques Shine Wizard can safely remove 80% - 99% of imperfections, with dependency on the total paint thickness and general condition to begin with. A good indicator of when a vehicle will need some kind of correction work is when the paintwork begins to feel rough and loses some of its shine. The roughness is bonded contamination and removal of this will generally marr the finish which will always need some form of correction to remove. Another indicator is direct sunlight or halogen lights at petrol stations. These will show the true condition of your paintwork, highlighting any damage and imperfections that can prevent a healthy and deep shine.

Why do I have fine scratches and swirls in my paintwork?

A vehicle's paintwork can be microscopically marked by the lightest of contact, especially softer finishes, so any scrubbing with synthetic sponges or low quality polishing cloths will certainly add visible markings. This damage can be multiplied when the surface is still dirty. Hand and automated car washes use harsh nylon brushes or synthetic sponges that are applied straight to dirty surfaces creating a sandpapering effect, trapping and moving grit particles against the paintwork. This type of damage is the most common and is responsible for the majority of poor finishes found on 90% of cars on the road today.
The key to safe paintwork cleansing is to use the correct techniques and the correct materials. Shine Wizard consider the cleaning stage the most important to get right, which is why we use specialist products such as lambs wool wash mitts, grit guard buckets and microfiber drying towels to prevent any possibility of damage.

How far do you travel?

Shine Wizard is based in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, We can travel a total of up to 20 miles before a surcharge is introduced. Surcharges are based on miles travelled only and reasonably set. Please email or call for enquiries.

Do you work weekends?

We work seven days a week, so can visit week days or weekends if you prefer.

Do you need water and power supplies?

We are fully self sufficient and have on board water supply and generator for electricity, Obviously the generator does create noise so if you prefer we can hook up to your own electricity .

Why dont I just use the cheap local hand wash/car wash?

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